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$qcassert is a QC command which will stop a model from compiling if a condition is not what it is expected to be. To do: Which Source games other than Counter-Strike: Global Offensive support this?


$qcassert <condition> <arguments> <bool>

If the result of the condition is not equal to the boolean specified, the compile will fail, informing the user of the result of the assert.

Currently, there are only 2 conditions.

  • boneexists (takes bone name and model source name)
  • importboneexists (takes bone name)

To do: What, exactly, does importboneexists do?


$qcassert boneexists "whatifgaming" "official.dmx" false

If there is a bone in the DMX file "official.dmx" named whatifgaming, compiling will cease. Otherwise, the model will compile as normal.

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