L4D2 EMS/GnomeHunter tutorial 1

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How To Use This Tutorial

In this tutorial we're going to create a new Mutation called GnomeHunter. We'll base GnomeHunter in the Park map from the Parish campaign (map c5m2_park) and will be building on some of the steps in the previous tutorial, such as how to use the Entity Placement Tool and how to spawn the Survivors in a different spot. You should complete the 'simple' Mutation tutorial before attempting to build GnomeHunter!

This tutorial also requires the use of Hammer. If you do not have Hammer installed you can learn how to set it up from the SDK on this page: Hammer Manual Configuration. It will not be necessary to compile a BSP from Hammer but you will need to be able to create and change properties on an entity and save it as a .VMF.

This tutorial is broken up into multiple steps with each completed step resulting in a VScript that you can load and run to see your progress.

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