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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.



The mod continues the story of Half-Life 2, thus, it is an alternative to Episode 1.

Gordon Freeman wakes up in Dr. Kleiner's new provisional hide-out in a more calm part of City 17, a place he was not meant to be. Dr. Kleiner informs Gordon that he found something very noteworthy, a creature from Xen that is not harvested nor modified by the Combine. Apparently the Combine are working on a superior project which would bestow them unlimited strength if perfected.

Due to Isaac's unsettling foreshadowing he sends out Gordon to trace an old crony from Black Mesa whose knowledge would be adjuvant as this very operation the Combine are working on is fairly known to the scientists.


  • 4 new chapters with grand levels
  • new character and enemy models
  • new soundtrack
  • more conspirational and frightening atmospheres


We started collecting ideas, plans and drawings in February '07. At the moment, the first maps are being built. Our public website is online now!


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