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This page is reserved for a collection of XSI oriented video tutorials.

Noesis Interactive tutorials

Noesis Interactive, an official Valve training partner, produces extensive video tutorials for modders, machinima authors and game developers using the Source engine. Topics include level design, 3D modeling, prop and character modeling, animation, motion capture integration, facial animation, weapon creation (including coding) and much more.

Download the *FREE* Noesis Interactive Tutorial Pack from FilePlanet here

3DBuzz tutorials

3Dbuzz.com has video tutorials for XSI amongst many other packages. Registration is required, but there are over 50 hours of video training for many packages available for free.

Flashjackson tutorials

This is a set of 4 video tutorials that cover how to use XSI and Photoshop to create and skin a model for use in Source. They are available for free download from here

Follow that link, when there, on the left of the page is where you will locate the files.

These video tutorials contain the following:

  • how to build a model of a framed metal sign
  • how to create a good UV map that is proportionally correct
  • how to paint a skin with normal and spec mapping, (This shows how to do it with Photoshop CS2, but any paint program can be used)
  • how to export and compile the model for use in Hammer and HL2.

If you want a detailed, step by step video guide, this is the tutorial set for you.

Erykgecko Tutorial

Erykgecko's tutorials are easy to follow, and provide a step-by-step processes.

Killer Monkey's character animation tutorials

A collection of videos from setting up XSI for animation to exporting into HL2 Source engine:

  • Part 1 - Intro and Setup of XSI: Part 1
  • Part 2 - Animating the Character: Coming Soon
  • Part 3 - Compiling the Animations: Coming Soon
  • Part 4 - Implementation in your mod: Coming Soon