Warriors of the Apocalypse

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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.


Warriors of the Apocalypse is a Half-Life 2 multiplayer modification with a post-apocalyptic setting, currently in development with a focus on teamplay and realistic infantry combat.


  • 4 teams: Raiders, Mutants, UMA (paramilitary organization) and Villagers.
  • Ironsights and increased recoil for a more realistic feel than the average deathmatch.
  • Unique vehicles- technicals, dune buggies, etc.
  • Skill system that increases the damage and accuracy of each player as they accrue kills.
  • Weapons such as bolt-action rifles, SMG's, shotguns, and a few novelty weapons such as a junk cannon and a brickbat.
  • Weapon purchase system.


Several examples of the high-quality models, for weapons, vehicles, players, and props, can be found in the Work In Progress section of the mods forums. Developers routinely post in-game shots and renders in this forum.


Warriors of the Apocalypse began development around a year before the Source SDK was released, and up until very recently was in formal development for the Source Engine. Following a long string of difficulties with coding and moving art assets in-game, the mod leader Morgan decided a switch to another engine would be in the mods best interest. The switch was announced to the Unreal 3 engine in late December 2005.

However, the mod continues in development for the Source engine by the coder Pajari, and a beta version will be released within the next few months, time and sanity of the coder permitting.


Leader: Morgan, who also is one of the modelers and level designers.

Modelers: Strap, Ghost, Mr. Twista, Jazzy, EradicatorOfSouls, Jec1183

Coder: Pajari

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