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The Valve Developer Community site has gone through an upgrade to the underlying software. This upgrade adds a number of new features and bug fixes to the site. In addition, the upgrade will make it easier to add new features to the site in the future.

June 27th 2011 update

Notable changes:

  • The look of the site has been upgraded, based the Mediawiki Vector skin.
  • Watchlists now have RSS/Atom feeds. RSS feeds generally are now hidden, since Atom is a better protocol and is supported by virtually all clients.
  • It's now possible to block users from sending email via Special:Emailuser.
  • The preferences system was overhauled. Preferences are stored in a more compact format. Changes to site default preferences will automatically affect all users who have not chosen a different preference.
  • DISPLAYTITLE now accepts a limited amount of wiki markup (the single-quote items).
  • In watchlists and Special:RecentChanges, the difference in page size now appears in dark green if bytes were added and dark red if bytes were removed.
  • Note on non-existing user and user talk pages if user does not exist.
  • Warn users when they try to move their user page that their account will not be renamed.
  • Numerous bug and security fixes.

Previous updates

Known issues


When using the {{DISPLAYTITLE:pagename}} magic word function, the page header will display correctly, but the page title (the name appearing in tabs on tabbed browsers) will still show the actual page name. Also, while editing pages with DISPLAYTITLE, the page header will display the real page, not the DISPLAYTITLE, but the correct name will be shown in the header when the page is saved.

Capitalization in links, templates, and category tags

  • Links to pages, templates and categories are now case-sensitive in Wiki syntax.
For example, using [[Main_page]] instead of the properly capitalized [[Main_Page]] will no longer link correctly and will produce a (broken) red link.
Using [[Category:level design]] instead of the properly capitalized [[Category:Level Design]] will no longer link correctly.
Using {{Demomodsmall}} instead of the properly capitalized {{DemoModSmall}} will produce a red broken template link instead of including the template.

Use of HTML headers

The behavior of HTML headers (<h2>, <h3>, etc.) in Wiki syntax has changed.

  • HTML headers now appear in the Table of Contents, just like standard Wikitext section heads.
  • Use of HTML headers inside of <div> tags can cause the Table of Contents and other elements in the article to appear incorrectly.
  • Use of HTML header tags should be avoided. Use standard wiki syntax headings whenever possible, and <div style> tags for formatting in special cases. Some existing pages have required editing to function correctly, but there may be other pages on the site that also require fixes.

Table formatting

As noted above, default tables now have limited formatting. Some tables on the VDC will need to have the {{standard-table}} style added to them to make them more readable. Some tables have already received this tag, but there are likely others that will need it.

No double slashes in page titles

Double slash "//" characters are no longer allowed in article titles, due to a bug in the web server software that is used by the VDC. Any article with double slashes in the article title cannot be linked correctly from other pages.

Support / Questions

If you have any questions or issues with the upgrade, post them on the Discussion page.