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Note: DO NOT add articles that are being goofed around by one user or IP address. This IS "Frequent vandalism from many people", NOT "Frequent vandalism from one person". Thank you.

This page lists articles currently undergoing repeated vandalism. Please watch the following articles closely and revert any vandalism as appropriate. Generally, any page listed here is being watched since the articles below can't be protected for one reason or another. Ideally, pages that have been protected are listed at Valve Developer Community:Protected pages and do not necessarily need to be listed here. The reasons why these pages are being vandalized are sometimes obvious, such as political reasons, religious reasons, substantial reasons, transubstantial reasons, personal belief reasons, and people goofing off on pages describing subjects such as items related to sex, human anatomy, and going to the toilet. Also, "commonly visible pages" such as Wikipedia-related pages, Main Page links, the user pages of extremely active users, etc. For some articles, however, the reason why the article is being vandalized a lot is a big mystery.

This is an example of a "shared watchlist", sorted into different categories. You can add to this list, and then click on "Related changes" to find out all the latest changes here.

Remember, when adding to this list, please place articles in the proper categories in alphabetical order.

Frequent vandalism from many people