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This page is a reference on having alternative languages on the Valve Developer Community.

Tradurre la tua pagina

Tradurre una pagina dovrebbe essere semplice se si conosce la lingua in questione. Questo articolo non espone in profondita la traduzione degli articoli, ma ne spiega ill procedimento.

Suggested naming scheme

E' consigliato mantenere lo stesso titolo inglese negli articoli

Esempio: Command Line Options:it

Nota: Spesso gli articoli in inglese sono gli orniginali, e non necessitano del tag :en.

Adding links

Template:Otherlang2 generates a row of flags in the top-right of the page. Use it like this:

|es = Destination page:es
|de = Destination page:de
|jp = Destination page:jp

The template must be the first text on the page! You should also do your best to update all the other translated pages, not just your own and English.

Available languages

Languages available can be found in the Languages category.

In order to have your language category listed in the primary Languages category, add the following to your language's category article:


Final notes

This guide is not definitive, but it makes things much simpler when everyone follows one method of using the templates, so everything in the wiki stays consistent throughout languages.