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January 2024

Put next to pak01_dir.vpk and run.

import os,struct,binascii

def get_int4():
	return int( struct.unpack("I",index.read(4))[0] )
def get_int2():
	return int( struct.unpack("H",index.read(2))[0] )
def get_sz():
	out = ""
	while True:
		cur = index.read(1)
		if cur == b'\x00': break
		out += struct.unpack("c",cur)[0].decode("ASCII")
	return out
index = open("pak01_dir.vpk",'rb')

print( "Signature:",binascii.b2a_hex(index.read(4)) )
print( "Version:",get_int4() )
print( "Directory length:", get_int4() )
print( "Unknown1:", get_int4() )
unknown2 = get_int4() # footer length?
print( "Unknown2:", unknown2 )
unknown3 = get_int4()
print( "Unknown3:", unknown3 )
print( "Unknown4:", get_int4() )

class VpkFile():
	path = ""
	CRC = -1
	archive_index = -1
	offset = -1
	length = -1
	preload = bytes()
vpk_files = []

while True:
	extension = get_sz()
	if not extension: break		
	while True:
		folder = get_sz()
		if not folder: break
		while True:
			filename = get_sz()
			if not filename: break
			cur_file = VpkFile()
			cur_file.path = "{}/{}.{}".format(folder,filename,extension)
			cur_file.CRC = get_int4()
			preload_bytes = get_int2()
			cur_file.archive_index = get_int2()
			if cur_file.archive_index == b'\x7fff':
			cur_file.offset = get_int4()
			cur_file.length = get_int4()
			get_int2() # terminator
			if preload_bytes:
				cur_file.preload = index.read(preload_bytes)


for vf in vpk_files:
	print(vf.path,"({} bytes)".format(len(vf.preload)+vf.length))
	full_path = os.path.join(os.getcwd(),"vpk_extracted",vf.path.replace("/","\\"))
	dir = os.path.dirname(full_path)
	if not os.path.isdir(dir):
	out_data = open(full_path,'wb')
	if vf.length:
		vpk = open("pak01_{}.vpk".format(str(vf.archive_index).zfill(3)),'rb')
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January 2024