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Hi there and welcome to the VDC! It's safer here :) I see you've translated some material on a few pages here. However, I must point out some guidelines to translating articles here on the wiki:

  1. Please read the Valve Developer Community:Alternative Languages page. It tells you how you can create a page that is a translation of an already existing article page on another language (generally, English).
  2. You should not translate and/or add translated bits of text to articles that do not pertain to the language you're translating to. A simple example: Developer Console is the English article. Developer Console:es is the Spanish article. Developer Console:jp is the Japanese article. Etcetera. If you wanted to create or edit the Russian version of this article, the correct page to do this would be: Developer Console:ru.
  3. Try to read some articles first, and see how they are "constructed". It will then be easier to lend your contributions to the wiki!

While I'm at it, here goes a few tips on wiki-editing:

  1. Remember to use the Show preview button before using the Save page button, so that you can preview your post and make additional corrections to it. This way you will prevent "flooding" the Recent Changes page with small edits.
  2. Always remember to sign your posts on talk pages.
  3. If you have additional questions, please refer to the Help:Editing page, or feel free to ask!
  4. Page content should (in general) aim for a slightly formal and informative style of writing. If you feel like writing something that is neither of these (such as, say, a comment to how awesome sauce the Source Engine is) you shouldn't place it on an article, but rather on your user page.

Cheers! --Etset 15:55, 27 Feb 2008 (PST)