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(it is Making_a_MOD:ru) Sorry, but I noticed that the article was marked with wip ("Someone is currently in the process of editing this article... 'll take 24 hours, no more fr sure or maybe smth like this...") a while ago. Actually, several months passed and nothing happened. I am in a good mood to proof-read this translation once again :), so WIP mark is somewhat disturbing me... After so many time I see many flaws of first iteration and even some of the corrections' inaccuracies/erratas. I would prefer to make some edits, just in case you are finished with this page.

No deep changes, of course. There are even more articles to translate from scratch. Just style improvement, spelling errors and some meaning check for straying not toooo far from the original. Though the style and the topic of this article do not require translation being extremely precise and literal, some improvements are possible. --Halfgild Wynac 14:20, 14 Sep 2008 (PDT)