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Hi! I'm writing a multiplayer mod in which each player choose to play as one of the characters from the HL2 universe. I'm using mdldecompiler to get the reference smd for single player npcs and then using it with the compile process for the player model in sourcesdk_content\hl2mp\modelsrc\humans_sdk. This is mostly working, except for on the head the textures are not mapped right. Sorry for wiki edit, but your email address didn't work, I tryed to comment on your website but I got "forbidden". Any ideas you might have would be much appreciated.
some more details:

  • I had to put mdldecompiler.exe in sourcesdk\bin\ep1\bin to get it to run without "missing dll" errors. this is not what your instructions say, is that messing me up perhaps?
  • I'm not getting a vta dumped when I decompile a model, even though I have downloaded version 0.5. I'm wondering if missing flex expression stuff on the face is to blame for the poor texture map perhaps?
  • I was unable to use the "Use Steam File Access" option, it did not like any of my choices for current game, so I just unchecked that and browsed to the mdl file that I got with GCFscrape. Is this an acceptable approach?

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"Use Steam File Access" error is caused by Orange Box engine in SSDK. MDLDec tries to find files in /bin/ directory, but files are placed in /bin/ep1/bin/ dir. SiPlus 15:14, 16 February 2010 (UTC)