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Thu October 6th, 2005

We're going to run a short beta of the new look and feel to Steam, which we're building to accommodate more games and MODs on Steam. To run it, run Steam from a command line with -clientbeta betaui in your command line. If you find any bugs, please edit this page.

Fri October 7th, 2005

We've just released an update to the beta which fixes many issues, including some of those listed below. Restart Steam (using the same command line as above) to get the changes. -- Greg

Sun October 9th, 2005

Another beta update - same procedure as above. (Thanks for helping to test the beta and for contributing bugs to this page.) -- Greg

Mon October 10th, 2005

Please restart Steam again with the beta command line; another update has been released. This is a release candidate -- we're shooting for release tomorrow (Tuesday). -- Greg

View changelog for 10/10 beta update - johnc

Tue October 11th, 2005

Another day, another update; The new Steam UI was released! -- johnc
View changelog for 10/11 beta update

Thu October 13th, 2005

  • Fixed HTML control not displaying correctly under Windows 98
  • Improved launching behavior of 3rd party games
  • Stopped storefront page from loading when using the mini-games list
  • Fixed "Processing ..." label staying visible after Steam had finished launching

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