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I have been modding since 2007. I started out making maps for my personal use for Half-life 2, but after a couple of months I moved on to other things, including TESIV: Oblivion modding. I spent a couple of months modding for Oblivion and now I'm back to modding for Half-life 2. I have been interested in game development for several years, though prior to my introduction to modding I had been teaching myself C/C++ programming, Win32 programming, and a bit of DirectX and OpenGL. I have just started to teach myself a little about creating textures (using The GIMP) and models (using XSI, Maya, and Blender). I also have some experience as a website designer and ran my own site for a couple of years.


Like so many other HL2 modders, I am working on a survival-horror mod. This one is distinctly not a zombie apocalypse mod (as much as I love them). I have been heavily inspired by Lovecraft and Silent Hill, so it will be something more along those lines, although I am looking at something with a bit more story and maybe some RPG-like elements. The basic premise is that you take on the role of some kind of investigator (reporter, detective, scientist, etc.) and gradually uncover clues that lead you to discover some horrible truth (and ugly baddies, of course). Several mods could be strung together in an episodic fashion, each mod exploring a different (though ultimately related) storyline. That's the amorphous concept right now, but it's still very much in its early stages.

Released Mods

None. :(


You can contact me at my (mostly empty) website: I just deleted all of the old content on the site and changed my domain name, etc., so there isn't really anything on the site right now, but this is where to go to find support information about my mods, etc.