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Hello, I'm Ttiki, a game developer on the Source Engine since 2015. I've been making maps since that time and I've been making mod since 2017. I've already published some mod on my ModDB page. You can see a full list of all my published and UPCOMING mods in the article below.
This page also helps me keep my memory right, it's a little bit like my inventory, my museum.

This is my avatar on socials network and in multiplayer games. If you see it you can say me a little hello!
It contains the ikurriña (Basque flag) with "TTIKI" written in the middle.


This is a list of all of my mod. This article is separated into two sections. The first part contains my already published mods and the second part is for my UPCOMING mods.

Published mods (Half-Life 2)

This list contains all of my published mod with a link to download them.

Scrap DefendVille2 (scrap map)

RTSL DefendVille2 scrap maps is my first published mod. Well, it's not a mod but a map which was originally my entry for RTSL's DefendVille2 map competition in 2017. I've realized it didn't follow the rule of the competition and scrap it to make another entry which was horrible. Yet, as I liked this map I didn't throw it into the bin and recycle it into a little map for Half-Life 2.

Waiting Room (Half-Life 2)

Waiting Room was another map I also made for an RTSL's map competition in 2017. The theme was CromulentVille... I've found it pretty funny with multiple ends a little bit like The Stanley Parable but without any narrator's voices. I can't remember why I scrap it, yet I remember the other map I made was bad, again.


This list contains all of my UPCOMING mod with a little resume and, if possible, a release date!

No Jump (Portal)

No Jump is a Portal mod where you can't jump.
I could stop here but let me talk you a little bit more about it. You will have a portal gun yet not in every chamber and I will, hopefully, create new gameplay elements. The story takes place in another Aperture Labs that the one we all know. And this time there won't be any evil A.I. or at least in the main character. Nope, in this mod, there are still humans, like Portal Prelude mod[1].


Hopefully, it will be published really soon. And if the development process goes according to plan you will be able to learn more about it soon. Stay tuned.

Other mods

I've got plenty of ideas for mods. I won't do like above for every mod because all of them are just written on paper for now as the one above is already a working mod. Whenever they became real, I will talk about them here on my pages on socials networks.

Useful Links

As I'm on a lot of Social networks I invite you to follow me on them because I post information on future mods, maps, and projects. I also invite you to make this page into a favorite if you are interested in my works. I will update the page whenever there are new advancements made on one of my mod. Now, the list!

You can also support me:

Thank you for your time and if you follow me on any social network double thank you. I hope we will meet again soon with some interesting information. --Sign, Clément Combier AKA Ttiki 10:55, 25 February 2019 (UTC)