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Hello, I'm Ttiki, a game developer and a mod/map maker for the Source Engine since 2015. I've opened up my indie game studio since 2020.

This is my avatar on socials networks and in multiplayer games. If you see this avatar, you can say a little hello!
It contains the ikurriña (Basque flag) with "TTIKI" written in the middle.


This is a list of all of my mods. I've split this article into two sections. The first part contains my already published mods, and the second part is for my UPCOMING mods.

Published mods (Half-Life 2)

This list contains all of my published mods with a link to download them.

Scrap DefendVille2 (scrap map)

RTSL DefendVille2 scrap maps is my first published mod. Well, it's not a mod per se, but, originally, my entry for RTSL's DefendVille2 map competition in 2017. I've realized it didn't follow the rule of the competition and scrap it to make another horrible entry. Yet, as I liked it, I didn't throw it into the bin and recycle it into a little map for Half-Life 2.

Waiting Room (Half-Life 2)

Waiting Room was another map I also made for an RTSL's map competition in 2017. The theme was CromulentVille... I've found it pretty funny with multiple ends. A little like The Stanley Parable but without any narrator's voices. I can't remember why I scrap it, yet I remember the other map I made wasn't good enough.


This list contains all of my UPCOMING mods with a little resume and, if possible, a release date!

No Jump (Portal)

No Jump is a Portal mod where you can't jump.
This mod events take place before GLaDOS's events and possibly in another Aperture Laboratories. Some elements still need to be polished.
I've stopped development at the time being as more important stuff is happening in my life. I will hopefully begin development again whenever my timetable frees up a bit.


You can find some of my maps on my modDB page and/or on my Steam profile.

Useful Links

If you are interested in any of my work, I would suggest you follow this link. There, you will find a list of places where you can find and follow me!

Thank you for your time, and if you decide to follow me on any social, double thank you.