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Project Status

  • Name: Shell Shock
  • Type: Coop/Versus
  • Chapters: 5
  • Status:
  • Chapter 1, Ruins - Planning: 100% - Construction: 075% - Entities: 010% - Beautification: 000%
  • Chapter 2, Supports - Planning: 010% - Construction: 000% - Entities: 000% - Beautification: 000%
  • Chapter 3, Streets - Planning: 005% - Construction: 000% - Entities: 000% - Beautification: 000%
  • Chapter 4, Checkpoint - Planning: 025% - Construction: 005% - Entities: 000% - Beautification: 000%
  • Chapter 5, Construction - Planning: 100% - Construction: 100% - Entities: 095% - Beautification: 025%

Project Blog

January 09, 2010

I've been thinking up ways to change the gameplay of Left 4 Dead 2. I ended up planning a map where the survivors are separated in a new type of scavenger finale. The rest of the campaign makes heavy use of the new features in Left 4 Dead 2 that allow the director to configure the level geometry based on the survivor's performance. The campaign is set in a large city that the military have been bombing to prevent the infection from spreading. This is an outline of the campaign so far:

  • Chapter1: Survivors decide to move out from the cafe they have been camping in because the food supplies have run out. They make their way through a fallen building and onto a highway, because they have heard that the highway leads to an evacuation center in a construction site on the other side of the city. After traveling on the highway for a short period of time, they round a corner and see that the highway has been completely destroyed by the military - all that is left is a ghostly charred array of supports where the highway was. The survivors have no choice but to continue on through the city, following whats left of the highway to make it across.
  • Chapter2: The path that the survivors must take meanders through the rubble and wreckage of the highway. Large debris forces the survivors to take many diversions into surrounding buildings so that they can progress to the evacuation center. The route becomes impassable when the survivors climb a huge mound of debris - they are forced to jump across into a bank's top floor window to reach a safehouse.
  • Chapter3: Due to the stairwell being blocked and the power being out, survivors must force the elevator to crash to the bottom floor and then disable the alarm that was triggered. Unable to follow the highway closely, survivors keep moving towards the evacuation center - keeping the highway's remains in sight at all times. They move across the streets and though office buildings, finally making it to the final stretch of the highway that is still intact.
  • Chapter4: Now on the final stretch of the highway, survivors come across a CEDA checkpoint that seems impassable. They break their way though, but trigger an alarm - forcing them to run a great distance to the evacuation center with the hoard hot on their heels. The evacuation center seems to still be active - with a crazed laughing coming from within and RPG fire spiraling out into the infected mobs.
  • Chapter5: Upon advancing further into the evacuation center, survivors realise that something is not right. There are piles of dead people who do not appear to be infected. They follow the line of deceased around the building until they enter a make-shift wooden structure. A door falls down behind the survivors, trapping them in. The survivors speak to a man who claims to be the last surviving member of the evacuation team. He directs them through the area ahead - telling the survivors to take the elevator down, move across the construction site and take the elevator at the other end up to reach the evacuation helicopter. Unfortunately, the elevators can only support the weight of two people at one time, so the survivors are forced to split up. The generator breaks during the trip, and a search for gas takes place, with one group of two covering and one group of two searching. The military guy who is speaking over the loudspeakers helps, by taking out a few infected with his rocket launcher. After a long battle, the survivors all make it to the other side - climbing onto the helicopter and making it out of the city at last