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Hello this is TheDonald. FunMod is as dead as a doornail, ignore it at all costs.

I'm just getting started modding so I need a lot of help. Currently I'm working on incorporating the physgun and hopwire into a mod I call Intermission. It is currently in the embryonic stage of development.

Good Job! Wanna Cookie!

Problems 'n' Stuff!

Problem: Why can't my physgun pick up manhacks without crashing?? Is there is problem in physgun.cpp or c_weapon_gravitygun.cpp?

Solution:Physgun manhack fix:

Go into physgun.cpp and add this to the function AttachObject:

C_BaseEntity *pEntity;



//rest of function


This causes manhacks to die on physgun pickup!!:D

Problem: After gluing a physics object to another physics object with the physgun and destroying one( but not the other ) the game crashes upon pickup of the surviving object.

Solution: Call a Reload() function in an else statement in the WeaponIdle() function. Make the else correspond to the second if statement.--TheDonald 15:59, 23 Jul 2008 (PDT)

Problem: Activating a hopwire in multiplayer causes a crash.--TheDonald 17:53, 4 Aug 2008 (PDT)

Problem: When I use my sniper rifle in my HL2 MP Mod the blood doesn't show when i kill someone.--TheDonald 10:21, 8 Aug 2008 (PDT)

Solution Rewrite the sniper rifle code and put it client side. Use the weapon_357 code as a guide for rewriting the class definitions for a multiplayer weapon. --TheDonald 17:30, 9 Aug 2008 (PDT)

PS Don't get sucked into a hopwire when in god mode because you will crash.

For a solution ot the abstract class error when adding the physgun in VS2008 click here Help Desk#Abstract_Class_Error

Mod Progress

I have successfully coded a sniper rifle, a BFG, a flare rifle, and a physgun to my mod. In addition to these new weapons my mod includes an experience system. The experiences system give 25 health per level gained. It takes 2 kills to gain a level. Upon getting the 5th level you receive a BFG (Big F***in' Gun) which gives 1000 damage for a direct hit and has a large splash damage pattern.When you die you go back to level one. However, my mod is currently an Orange Box version of HL2DM with no new maps and no new models. I would like people to sign on to my mod to create models and maps containing my entities. Also, I would like a coder to convert the hopwire to multiplayer. It is somewhat impossible because ragdolls are client side and the grenade_hopwire.cpp code is server side. A code wizard would be somewhat appreciated ;).

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