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I am an undergraduate college student working towards a Computer Science major in the United States, and game development is a hobby of mine.


Over the past couple of years that I have been mapping, creating textures, and modding on the Source Engine I have had to explore many websites in order to learn how to map, mod, and texture. Below are links to either tutorials that I created, or websites that I have found useful.

My Mapping/Texture Tutorials

Lighting Tutorial
SSBump Creation Tutorial
Texture Effects Tutorial
SSBump Generator 2.0 Tutorial

TWHL Mapping Tutorials

And, of course, this website:


Since I am working towards a Computer Science major, it is no surprise that I am capable of creating programs. Below is a link to a program that I have created.

SSBump Generation Tools

SSbump_generator.exe will take normal map TGA files and convert them into the new SSBump TGA file format.

Here are some links to other programs (Not created by me) that I have found useful.


A free image editing program with a lot of good features.


Another useful image editing program. (This is particularly useful for editing the alpha channel of TGA files. I use it with Paint.NET)

Nem's Tools

A bunch of very useful tools. VTFedit is especially useful for creating VTF and VMT files from TGA files.

Insane Bump

A very nice, free Normal Map creation addon for GIMP.

A free image site. Useful for making textures.


Below are some links to textures that I have created. There are around 200 in all (including displacement blend textures). These are free for use in any noncommercial project. This is due to the fact that most of the original pictures came from and were not taken by me. I only modified the images and converted them to VTF files.

Mapping Textures v1.0

Mapping Textures v1.0 Addon

House Material Pack v1.0