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Previous Work. Also Brrrraaaaaiiiiiins

Incoming Dropships!
mmmmmm.... Brraaiiinnssss...

My previous work includes a HL2 single player map known as Boathouse, you can see a description and some screenshots at the link. The "boathouse", while not actully being a proper boathouse, is almost completely breakable, and even has traps you can use against the combine. It's got a positive response, and I suggest you check it out. I never did 'build cube maps' on it though... no one noticed! :)

The only other publicly released map I made was for Doom 3, a map known as Zombie Shuffle, which was more funny than anything else :D, you can take a look, even if you don't have Doom 3.

I also made some maps for Marathon Infinity which I might have considered worthy of being released publically, had my really old macintosh I had at the time not decided to spontaneously wipe everything, which it seemed to do every 3 years.


Currently I am a mapper for a mod team known as Collaborate, It was originally a classic co-op mod, but now the concept has changed to a more team based Battlefield 2 type gameplay, with squad leaders who can spawn and control their own NPCs (combine soldiers and rebels and such) to help out.

I was originally working on converting my previous map boathouse to Collaborate, however since the change in game concept, I can think of no way to adapt it to the new Collaborate, and col_boathouse has been shelved. However, I may later release it as a new version of boathouse for singleplayer, since I gave it a completely new intro and ending (the last ending was a bit confusing), and the battles are improved a bit.