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Kiyoshi Shin - 新 清士


 I love Level Design!

CS: Source CS ChurchS Map(HL2Files)

 I am the community member of C-SEC (Japanese Source SDK Community) . 

I post much news about Source Engine Mod community daily news.

 I am the Chief Coordinator of IGDA Japan chapter 

It is one of biggest and active chapter in the world. We invited Greg Coomer in TGS 2004, Robin Walker in Kyoto Event. Dec 3 2005.

 I am the Lecturer and Resarchear

in the University of Tokyo, Ritsumeikan University (in Kyoto), Digital Entertainment Academy (Square-Enix Game college), CREST (National Online Game Research Project).

I have the lecture about Source Engine in Digital Entertainment Academy. This is first game education by Mod in Japan.

 I am the independent Jounalist.

I am writing weekly column about the game industry in Kiyoshi Shin's Game Scramble in Nikkei Newspaper Web IT Plus.

And I have experience of the interview with Valve’s Bill Van Burenin Slash Games.

And many more,

Mail: shin (@)