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About me

It's been a few years since I've last edited my profile. When I created it, a few years, my main interest was with level design. After having worked on my mod Starlabs for years but never getting it finished, my interest faded away. When I finally got some of it back and tried getting into Source, the much more complicated technical background (physics engine, entities, etc.) were things I wasn't prepared to put time in, as I just wanted to create levels. So, with that, I quit my level design work. But not before I wrapped up some of my Starlabs work and contributed it to the Reissues project.

For those interested in me, can visit my website. On there is much information regarding my interests. Currently, there's no section for my previous Half-Life work (on mods and such). For that, consult the list at the bottom of this page.

My current focus regarding game design is uncertain. While I still like doing it, I no longer wish to pursue a career in it. I also decided, after cancelling Starlabs, to stop putting so much time in one hobby, as my other hobbies had to suffer. As a result, I've - for the time being - quit any game design whatsoever. However, this might resurface with the release of the Left 4 Dead SDK. Hence why I'm updating this account.

Modifications worked on

  • <Half-Life> Starlabs - I worked on it for about 5 years, having done bucketloads of different tasks. My main job was the level design work. Eventually, I created about 10 maps, in varying degrees of finishedness. Eventually, four (the fourth chapter of Starlabs) were included in Reissues. (See below.)
  • <Half-Life> Issues - For Issues I created two maps.
  • <Half-Life> Reissues - For Reissues I contributed the fourth chapter of Starlabs, which was the most complete one, under its original chapter title of Satellite Trouble. Specially for Reissues I also created one new map which was to serve as proper ending to the end of the chapter, which included a neat bossfight. The fight was well received. *hint hint* I also created the website.