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An avid Valve fan, especially a fan of the Half-life and Portal series.

I spend countless hours playing Source games and experimenting with Source SDK to make my own maps and scenarios. I make tons of experimental maps in an attempt to learn and test new things within the Source engine. I've yet to release a map that demonstrates my abilities, but I am working toward the goal of releasing something that looks great and serves a purpose.

I will continue to learn and create new things. Also, any maps I actually end up releasing, I will feature here and/or map community websites (listed in Other Profiles).

Notable Creations

I really don't have much to show for right now, but I plan on changing that soon. I haven't released anything in a very long time, but my time in Source SDK for last year has been spent practicing countless scenarios in the Source Engine. I think I am actually nearing a (good) map release! Stay tuned.

Notable Creations

Old Maps: The maps of my infancy

These are maps I created a long time ago, when I was still learning the basics. At the time of their creation, I did not know Hammer Editor sufficiently enough to create a stable map. To put it simply, these maps are very unstable because I made a lot of mistakes. You can expect crashes, glitches, and other atrocities.

  • gm_mesalab (Garrysmod/Misc)
    Retired mesalab.jpg

I have removed this map from in order to free the name "gm_mesalab". This was to ensure that one day a better map may attain that name, if the mapper so desires it.

You can still download it here.

Problems you may experience: Occasional crashes. In addition, the map is way too small to do anything in.

Reasons for these problems: I didn't know what func_detail was back then, either. Also, I don't know what made me think it was a good idea to release such a small map.

  • gm_floatring (Garrysmod)
    Gm floatring.jpg link

This one really isn't that bad. It's just a floating slab of ring-shaped concrete in the middle of an ocean. It's simple and actually very fun with other people. It's nothing special though, it really wasn't a map I put a ton of effort into. It just turned out nice because it was an easy project to start. However, it isn't without its problems.

Problems you may experience: Strange darkening of the water above you when underwater.

Reasons for these problems: The water inside the map and the water in the 3D skybox are not properly aligned, causing an overlap that is only noticeable from underwater near the edges of the map.

Other Profiles