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Name: Reed

Username (on steam and website): reed1103

steam profile:


I usually just map for TTT, a Garry's Mod gamemode. I've made 3 maps, ttt_underground_station, ttt_industrial_canal, and ttt_vast, and 2 map modifications.

A screenshot of one of my maps, ttt_underground_station. Specifically, the traitor tester in the map.

Mapping style

I generally like to make stranded-style maps, where the players have invaded a facility and find themselves stranded with some of the workers of that facility. Of course, this story idea is only feasible in TTT, as there are innocents (the invaders) and there are traitors (the workers).

Example of the "invaded but now stranded" style, where terrorists invaded a facility, but are now blocked from escape


I'm a moderator for Dinkleberg's TTT