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Radical Edward's VDC Wiki User Page...

Radical Edward.jpg

A Little About Me...

Im, Radical Edward, as you see.
I support all of the modder's, mapper's, and adaptor's!
I love to see people who like to take things and make it to the next level
or taking things given to you and making something out of it!
- OH by the way my real name is:
Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky the 4th

Some ways that I help out the community...

Well I love making tutorials and well there are some ways you could help me out to know what to put! :P
To suggest a tutorial or talk to me for some help on anything that is Source Engine related or VaLvE game
related goto my "contact" section for ways to get in touch with me! :D

Contact Me...

Warning.png Warning: If I do not answer do not freak out i will be back soon! >_< Give things some time! Patience is of the essence...

Here are some ways to contact me in any way possible:

  • Email:
[email protected]
  • IM (windows Messenger)
[email protected]
  • YouTube
  • Moddb
  • FPSB
  • Steam

--RaDiCaL EdWaRd 12:11, 30 Nov 2008 (PST)