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I am looking to make a mod for HL2 and although Ive got a reasonable background in a lot of the work involved... mapping, modelling, programming etc, I am by no means an expert on any of these things. Im particularly aware that my programming skills in their current state are gonna fall way short for making a serious mod.

Im not looking for anyone to be "on team" with me but basically could just do with some guidance when I get stuck or hit snags. If anyone wants to fill this consulting type role Id be really appreciative, particularly if you have a decent amount of experience, although to be fair knowing someone in the same boat as me might also be useful. Ideally someone I could speak to on msn of IRC would probably be best, although if anyone knows a fairly active forum group to ask questions on that would also be handy (this wiki seems strangely lacking in standard discussion places but maybe Im just not used to dealing with the wiki format).

Anyway, get in touch if your interested of giving guidance to this wayward noob.