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My age and facts about myself aren't really important. What's important are my beliefs and actions. I believe that gaming is the next evolution of story telling.

First we had drawings on cave walls, then oral tales with spoken language. Next came writing that culminated in the printing press. This was followed by still images and onto moving images.

Now we have gaming; an interactive media that is only just beginning to realize its potential. My site and contribution is a very, very small part in helping mods become better known.

I am interested in telling stories through SP FPS mods.

I have been talking about learning to map for a long time but this summer is definitely THE time. is completely focused on Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for the Half-Life Series. It has the MOST COMPREHENSIVE single player map and mod database available on the Internet. EVERY map or mod can be reviewed and commented upon by EVERY user. There are also plenty of other articles, reviews, interviews and rants to keep you amused.

There is an Introduction Tour and a New Visitors' Survey available. With over 1,000 single player maps and mods listed, with over 400 for Half-Life 1 and over 300 for Half-Life 2 I'm sure you will find exactly what you are looking for.

The site has over 14,000 comments & reviews and a growing community. New features introduced for 2008 include Tags, that allow players to find the style of map they are looking for and the Site Help Center.


Voice Acting

I am available for voice acting work and can provide a variety of accents and styles. I will post a demo reel soon.

Promoting Your SP HL2 Mod

I pride myself on being able to help mods gain a much exposure as possible. If you have an SP HL2 mod in production and are interested in exploring promotional ideas please contact me.

Contact Me


Steam ID: planetphilliphl2

Moddb Profile: PlanetPhillip