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I am a recent graduate from Auburn University with a degree in Computer Engineering. I currently work full-time for APR, LLC as a Project Manager, a car performance and engineering house based in Auburn, AL. My current responsibilities include writing data logging software, managing our web site that allows for programming vehicles, and developing proprietary hardware components.

In the past I have created plug-ins for 3D modelling software (i.e. Max, Maya, Lightwave) to make the artists life easier (when certain things were a PITA). I also previously had a job writing network management software that was VERY enlightening.

I was the lead programmer for Forsaken until the official announcement of it's demise on June 15th, 2008. The final build along with all assets (art, code, maps, and sounds) were released for free on the same day. I'm currently working on two mods on different engines, which are to be announced soon.