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Team NightHawK - 5/20/08

Well, pl_Overhaul - ^_^

Team NightHawK - 5/12/08

Well, after lots of thinking... Rockbound 2 has been delayed because of pl_Overhaul Overhaul will be payload map. I will stick with this map until it ready and playable. So Stay Tuned for More Details.

Team |NightHawK| - 5/7/08

Well, lets get this all out of the way.

Our Blog and Info:

Rockbound 2 is my latest tf2 map project and I want to go extreme with this map.

RockBound 2 Details:

- Attack/Defend - Control Point - MultiStaged

- Consists of 3 Epic Stages

- Stage 3 will have cinematic physics

- Mining / Industrial Theme - Mostly Industrial


Stay Tuned For More Updates.