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I'm a new contributor to the valve dev wiki, though I've long been a user. I only really know about level design and editing. I've posted the following original articles to the valve dev wiki:

If you wish to contact me, you can post me here, pm me here or send an email to here. If you live in Wisconsin, we can meet up, but you bring the beer!

  • Current projects (in order of relevance):
    • getting a crash course in decent wiki formatting :)
    • redesigning Can's Crew
    • managing my My own server and site
    • mapping as_icarus (80%) - a vip style css map that takes place in a human testing lab secreted beneath an abandoned industrial complex.
    • creating a four horsemen of the apocalypse skinpack for my server.
    • 16 credits this semester in my third year of a bachelor's of biochemistry and genetics double major.