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Current Project- Figure out what the hell he's doing!

I'm developing a game for a class, and right now we're choosing between engines. One of them is doing Torque, one XNA, I'm doing Source, and the last one is doing the Torque Game Builder (2d). Its a head to head battle of epic proportions.

I'm currently trying to integrate the following into my example map to show that source is superior:

Text in the HUD- similar to the credits from HL2's opening sequence.
Menus of some sort
Importing custom models/decals/sprites/textures- From what I've seen so far it seems excessively complex, but I have yet to attempt it
Using decals/triggering them- the goal of the game is to have the player be able to trigger decal to be painted onto any surface, sort of like a paintball gun, and then being able to erase it with a trigger/secondary fire.

Any advice/help/links is welcome.