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|- | Mzbhvn1 or Michele C. | [email protected] | A VERY popular gamer/player whose opinion and interests effect a large variety of players with a sort of magnetic influence. Mostly an FPS multi-player gamer but certainly

no stranger to other types of games. Experience using the Source Demo for creating videos of game play action. Game Server Admin knowledge and experience with Hammer

Level Editor for map creation.

I admire how laid back and cool the folks at Valve Corporation games are...all the stories I've read of the goodness and awesomeness they do for fans. However, not ONE rep from Valve will respond to my undying question that I've asked NUMEROUSLY since September 21, 2005! I discovered Half-Life 2 Deathmatch after finishing Half-Life 2. When I first opened hl2dm to play, the VERY VERY 1st thing I noticed was the list of female characters a player can choose from. Being a female gamer in a mostly male gaming world, this presented an important but simple question that applies to ALL the Valve games that have female model groups in its Source material.........WHY IS THERE NO FEMALE_05 ?!?!?!?!? Is it a mistake no one wants to admit to? Why is she omitted from every character group? Is it truly such a secret? Do you just not have enough people asking? Is she actually Chell? (Chell just so happens to be my childhood nickname) I WANT TO KNOW !!!! lol !!! I know Valve doesn't do little things like this without some very clever explanation or twisty story to accompany. I have come up with some of my own creative and interesting theories for her whereabouts and even thought of creating a comic about her. My name on the extra Deathmatch account received with my graphics card is: Imaginary Danger (female_05). I've even created a Steam Community Group for her:

I at least want SOMEONE from Valve to acknowledge that:

  1. 1 - I even sent these messages in the first place.
  2. 2 - There truly is no female_05 character in any of the female model character groups.
  3. 3 - There is a reason why the female_05 character is missing and what that reason is.

When I hear you guys doing cool things for fans and not even an automated message for ME, it hurts my feeling. YES, lol I said *feeling*. There is only one, LOL! No one has EVER even acknowledged my question much less pacified me with pizza or a brand new lithograph replacement or whatever else cool stuff they do for OTHER fans. So please, take a meeting or have a discussion of what to say...but please at least say something. Sheesh.

Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Michele Chapman aka [TKO] mzbhvn1 aka Imaginary Danger (female_05)