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Making mods for source engine? Working with materials and find it annoying? Give this thing a try! :D Notepad++ vmt syntax helper

Sometimes it's quite annoying to look through the cvar list and get lost, because the row is so long. This is very short and simple script. You don't have to be a programmer to understand that it's not malicious. Paste this into the browser console to make rows highlight on hover.

$('body').append('<style>.liz3_vdc_line:hover{background:linear-gradient(0deg,rgba(0,0,0,.08) 0,rgba(0,0,0,.08) 100%)}</style>');
$('.mw-parser-output pre').each(function(){
    var local_cont = $(this);
    var local_shit = $(this).text().split('\n');
    for (var key in local_shit) {
        $(local_cont).append('<div class="liz3_vdc_line">' + local_shit[key] + '</div>');