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My Goal

My goal with mapping in TF2 is to create at least one, hybrid CTF/CP map. To do this, I intend on having several of the games key mechanics work together with each other to create a truly dynamic style of CTF, which involves not only team based flag spawning and capture point activation, but to also add another level of challenge on maps.

Far too often I have seen maps where one team simply steamrolls the other team, and this is my idea to add another level of challenge, and prolong a game to take more than 5 minutes to win a map (it should also be pretty fun as well).

The Progress

Nov 25, 2007

So far, I have done some basic testing on whether this is feasible, so far it appears to be (though with some minor glitches).

I am able to get it to transition from a CTF to a CP+CTF map without problems, I can also switch it back on CP capture. Really need to write some things down as to the output hierarchy so I can actually have the correct sequence of enable and disable going.

Possible Things Needed

I realize that because of the game mechanics I may possibly need to have a small mod written to handle the transitions from ctf to cp and visa-versa. Time will tell if I actually am going to need to do this.


Feel free to share your comments or ideas on the discussion page.

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