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Shafted (when finished) will be a complete campaign for Left 4 Dead. It is based around a survivor city escape to a rural military compound with a deep underground bunker holding out against the infected. The finale is a wait for the lift to the underground bunker. As the lift ascends the lift shaft the survivors must either hold out against the infected or be "Shafted".

Chapter 1: The Mall

Survivors must pass through a mall and associated underground car park to the safe house in a neighboring street. Includes a panic event waiting for the car park exit to open.

Picture of the starting house in "The Mall"
Picture of the inside of The Mall
Picture of the inside of The Mall

Chapter 2: The Street

In another street connected to via the first safe house is a jack-knifed upturned truck blocking the road ahead. Survivors must navigate the car strewn street and get across the sky bridge to get to the second half of the street. At the end of the second half is a blocked tunnel which can be cleared with the convenient zombie summoning explosives (whether the tunnel would collapse as a result of this explosion is a moot point). In the tunnel the survivors come to the second safe house.

Chapter 3: The City Limits

Survivors emerge from the tunnel into the city limits; a few final houses and then a rural setting. A hut in a gap between two rock ridges provides the third safe house.

Chapter 4: The River

Survivors follow a river upstream to the compound. Some treacherous cliff scaling (actually a small cliff face path) gets the survivors to a raised bridge. Survivors must close the bridge and fend off the ensuing horde attack. The bridge, once lowered, allows the survivors to cross the river and get to the fourth safe house in the compound's outer wall.

Chapter 5: The Compound

Basically, a building at the center of the compound provides the means of escape: the lift. Unfortunately for the survivors this means waiting for a lift to ascend the lift shaft and this summons the inevitable finale infected assault. The building (aka "The Keep" consists of two floors, all of which is indoors. The Keep contains (aside from the usual guns, ammo and health supplies) two mini guns pointing at right angles to each other out of two different windows on the second floor. Logically, the best area to defend is the second floor, however, the supplies are all downstairs. Aside from two stair cases, there is a skylight for infected to access the second floor.

Please Note

I can only work on this when I have the time which is currently very sparse. All images are subject to change as the maps get beautified which is now in progress due to the L4D Authoring Tools Beta release.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated, please put them on the discussion page.

Current Progress

Chapter 1: Map Structure: 94% Entities: 1% Beautification: 1%

Chapter 2: Map Structure: 89% Entities: 0% Beautification: 0%

Chapter 3: Map Structure: 72% Entities: 0% Beautification: 0%

Chapter 4: Map Structure: 26% Entities: 0% Beautification: 0%

Chapter 5: Map Structure: 0% Entities: 0% Beautification: 0%

All percentages given are estimations. I take no responsibility for their accuracy.