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About Me

Hi, I'm Luke Kyriacou, Lukeme99, I am a mapper, coder, modeller, artist in 2D and 3D and a moder. I am the author of some tutorials on the VDC, I am a dedicated source game developer, and if someone offered me a UDK licence for free, I would easily turn it down.

My Work

I am working on a few mods currently:

  • Half-Life 2: The Lost Canals A mod that revolves around the canals in HL2 and is a real test of my skills, to see if I can output a hopefully semi-professional looking mod.
  • Coastline Defence A multiplayer mod, where you battle antlions in a Coop, survival and inter-server survival coop (where a level change would take place, the player is transferred to another server with a corresponding map.)
  • ProMod A mod base that supports single player, multiplayer, and coop play. It features extra weapons, npc's, entities and extra features that valve have not yet exploited in source.