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About me

Developer for BrainBread 2

Co-founder of Reperio Studios

Early Life

Batchelor was born on September 4, 1992. in Selly Oak, Birmingham. He has travelled to many countries through his teens, on top of dealing with depression from as young as 12/13 years of age, he battled serve Depression and has never had any help with it, he also helped releasing a game called BrainBread 2 and formed a company called Reperio Studios.

While also working as Cleaner for a year in 2019, he then moved onto also working at Ask Italian, after getting fed up with the usual job of cleaning he changed to being Customer Care for Mcdonalds in 2022.

The game released by Reperio Studios is BrainBread 2 in 2016, where he worked along side Johan Ehrendahl, and Bernt Andreas Eide, Where they created the game using Source Engine, where it was firstly called BrainBread: Source, but due to legal issues around the use of 'Source' in the name, It had to be named BrainBread 2.

Later down the line he had met Simon Murray, AKA "Mr Specs", best known for eyeware for movie actors.


The music he likes is Linkin Park, Poets Of The Fall, and other various artists.

Films he likes is City Of Angels starring Nicolas Cage, Quite a few of the James Bond films,

Countries travelled

The countries he has travelled are so far America, Turkey, Malta, Spain. Official website:

Official Tester for The Forgotten Ones

My experiences are with Web, Audio, and mixing music. I can do a bit of level design, but not that big for creating levels etc.

I can also do models using Blender software.

Workshop Items: Workshop

Created Guides:Guides



Bitcoin Donations address: 3ANa1b6yuJXEGzXErobkHr9Qv7Auf1Khgk

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Where to find me

If you need to contact me or anything else, either add me on Steam or Skype at the bottom.

Facebook: Official Facebook Page

Official Telegram: Telegram group

Vero profile: jamieb452

Steam: jamieb452 - Steam Profile

Faceit Official Faceit profile

Official Discord server: Discord server

Playstation Network ID: jamieb452uk

Xbox live ID: jamieb452

Discord: jamieb452#1533

Minecraft: jamieb452

Uplay ID: jamieb452

Skype ID: jamie.philip.batchelor


ModDB: jamieb452


Rockstar social club ID: jamieb452

Youtube: Official Youtube channel