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About me

Developer for BrainBread 2

Co-founder of Reperio Studios

Official website:

Official Tester for The Forgotten Ones

My experiences are with Web, Audio, and mixing music. I can do a bit of level design, but not that big for creating levels etc.

I can also do models using Blender software.

Workshop Items: Workshop

Created Guides:Guides



Bitcoin Donations address: 3ANa1b6yuJXEGzXErobkHr9Qv7Auf1Khgk

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Where to find me

If you need to contact me or anything else, either add me on Steam or Skype at the bottom.

Facebook: Official Facebook Page

Official Telegram: Telegram group profile: jamieb452

Steam: jamieb452 - Steam Profile

Official Discord server: Discord server

Playstation Network ID: jamieb452uk

Xbox live ID: jamieb452

Discord: jamieb452#1533

Minecraft: jamieb452

Uplay ID: jamieb452

Skype ID: jamie.philip.batchelor


ModDB: jamieb452


Rockstar social club ID: jamieb452

Youtube: Official Youtube channel