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Game Developer


Moscow City, Russian Federation

  • Name: Alex or Aleksey
  • Age: 19
  • Location:Russia Moscow
  • Skillset: I'm programing on C++ for more than 3 years

About me:

I well know game engine Source Engine and GoldSRC I am able to work with Sockets and WinAPI My projects are well-known in Russian Half-Life community.

The majority of my projects are private. If you are interested in these projects write to me to a pm.

Here is the list of my last public projects:

Half Life Fake Server - fake game server displayed in the list of master servers.

Get Steam Appids - The program allowing to receive the list of steam games and them ID

Half-Life MDL Converter - The semi-automatic converter of models allowing to convert models from Source Engine in a GoldSRC format

Steam List Fire64 Edition - The program receives the list of servers mods and games with the master of servers valve and gives out their list and the information on them in the console.

The scanner of game servers - plug-in for Angry IP Scanner which allows to scan range IP on presence of game servers.

Fake User - program for connect to game servers

Vamp BSP Tools -compiler of maps for game Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines VTMB the engine uses maps of format BSP of 17 versions and strongly differ from a format used in Half-Life 2

I know formats of maps and models in Source Engine well.