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Coder, ex-mapper


  • kicking: it's like in Duke Nukem or SMod, but with a few additionals
  • kicking out doors
  • third person camera with 'over the shoulder' feature (I call it the Parrot)
  • bullet penetration (actually only the coding pard is done - still need to script the Penetration Depth value for materials)
  • laser sight
  • pickupable ragdolls
  • snapping player's view on ladders to 60 degrees (each direction without "up")
  • grabbing the edge and moving along it while hanging
  • commander mode: you choose an entity and order you squadmates (NPC) to execute an action eg. open the door, go there, look there etc.
  • leaning (gotta improve it)


  • AI enhancements
  • gadget system <- probably won't be needed


  • NoName mod; status: up and running
  • School (I call it the Crappot) //currently suspended

last line

  • "What's a good programmer's best friend? A portable toilet-o-matic, a.k.a. the Urinal"