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- Multiplayer horror game with a small twist. 


The world is changing after numerous genetic manipulations of our food resources a side effect has caused a DNA change and made a large quantity of the population hostile and transformed. The goverment has decided that all areas affected by this change must be eradicated at all cost. Unfortunately for those unaffected it means they are also targeted in those areas.

Game Objectives

So we have two teams one being the survivors who are trying to escape the area before it is deemed a dead zone and will be marked for the scorched earth initiative. The other team is the Savior Squad (just a temp name for now) their mission is to eliminate all remaining entities in the area both hostile(DNA modified)and the survivors (other players) from leaving the map. When the time limit is reached the area will be blasted if all hostiles and the other team are not eliminated. If the survivors can reach the escape vehicle they win the round (this may be modified in later versions to enhance game play). The twist is the hostiles which are killing everything around them and are hostile to both teams this will make camping a little less likely as to keep the action moving.

For more information or interest in joining the team please contact me by leaving a message here or emailing me at the address below

This mod needs the following team members:

-- Experienced programmer

-- Texture Designer

-- Modeler

More info availible thru my email below Email me at [email protected]