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DarK_St3alth's Lair

I'm a very knowledgeable user in Hammer, Source Film Maker and all aspects of server management. I also have general programing knowledge in several different languages such as PHP and C++. At time of writing I have worked with the Source Engine for over 3 years, which I hope to continue in the future.

Maps & Projects


My latest map out of a series of 3, it was released for Garry's Mod back in 2010/11. Uses custom textures.

link= ttt_skycity


Map that was designed for a friend's game mode in Garry's Mod. Sadly it was cancelled.

Bw res.png

Creating a Waterfall Material

A great waterfall texture that was created using a tutorial here. I have also improved the tutorial to refresh my wiki skills.


Lighting and Work Sample

This quick map I made quickly shows advanced lighting and other work, inspired by Mirror's Edge.

DarK St3alth Sample.png

Source Filmmaker Work

A 1:17 clip of a Pyro chasing a Scout and other additions. Completely done in Source Filmmaker.

Dark St3alth video thumb.png


This brand new map I made adds to my skills. Much more complex work then I've done before.

Nmrih dark st3alth1.png

Additional Screenshots

Lighting and Work Sample
DarK St3alth Sample 2.png 2012-07-20 00001.jpg 2012-07-20 00002.jpg

124383 1.jpg 124383 2.jpg

124626 1.jpg Org 3dskybox example.jpg

nms_deadend - Initial optimization investigation
2012080700016.jpg 2012080700017.jpg 2012080700018.jpg


You can use the details here but they might be outdated!

Email: hack3r.64 |at| or darkst3alth -|at|-

Website: St3alth Servers

Steam: DarK_St3alth