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Hello, my name is Dabu or you can call me Rayan my irl name I'm a diehard fan of Half-Life since my childhood and other Valve games since back in the days those game have changed my life forever and will always remember my first experience <3 I'm a hobbyist modder who do stuff in Source (Mapping my beloved comfort friend Hammer Editor, texturing and etc.) sometimes I have a love/hate relation with Hammer sometimes ^^ I live in Canada, my province is Quebec where I was born.

When the Orange Box was out I brought the collection for X360 when I wanted to play TF2 and Portal which I've been a absolute fan of it and I still play TF2 it is a timeless masterpiece! During that time not really much has changed but I've got a new PC and all that cool of stuff, I remember one of my first FPS were Wolfenstein and Doom (Yes I played the actual first Wolfenstein and Doom in my childhood) and of course Half-Life! Also Quake!

I also remember playing SNES (with that one Donkey Kong Game and the legendary Street Fighter 2 :)), Pokemon Green on my Gameboy which I still have it in my house iirc and other!

Multiplayer wise I think one of my first multiplayer experience was in CS (obviously!), Halo, Frontline: Force and others that they were in the list.

For horror wise my favorite will always, be House Of The Dead and Resident-Evil.

Here I hope to contribute many things for Source and hopefully the VDC wiki!

'Where to find me'

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