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Game and map designer, programmer, Lego builder, video and tabletop gamer, writer, linguist, miniature modeler and painter, photographer, musician, troubleshooter, IT monkey, business owner, father... I've been all of these and more at one point or another in my life. Most of those hats I still wear with varying levels of skill and expertise--though I've lost French and much of my Japanese to disuse, it's been better than a decade since I've played an instrument or written music, and most of my art skills these days are channeled towards Lego and computer graphics. The common thread in most of them is that I love to create, learn, and game, more or less in that order. If I had my druthers I'd do nothing but.

I joined up to help improve the Portal 2 Puzzle Maker section, and I've got some ideas for how to do that--but if I see something else that maps to my areas of knowledge I'll be happy to pitch in as time allows.

Some of my creative work: