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I am attempting to make a Modification by myself and learn all the ropes in Valve Game developing. It's going to be awesome! ...uhm, anybody know how to open SourceSDK? Kidding. But seriously, I might not make it too far. But perseverence is key to victory.

Steam Names:

  • Ty the Tasmanian Tiger (current)
  • grundyomatic
  • BreakingAtTheHinges
  • Gordon Freeman


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I am making a mod. "The Brailsford Modification" is what its called. I don't want it to absorb most of my life, or my friend's time, but I just want to try and make a crack at it.

Unfortunately, so far, it's been hard and I've hardly done anything. Right now, the only thing I've accomplished is opening SourceSDK, click on 'Create a Mod,' filled in all the boxes, and got a sourcetest game called 'The Brailsford Modification.'

If anyone can tell me what program they reccommend to use to import .mdl files and create ragdolls, I'd really appreciate it. -T4