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My name is Richard Seabrook and im going for a career in computer games design because i love doing it. Ive been making maps on Hammer now for a good 2/3 years, and can do almost anything. Which is great because i can make good looking maps. I have 2 A levels in ICT going on to study computer games tech, at Uni. Would love to get a job in a computer games company. I have worked with the Unreal 2003 SDK, The new C&C SDK. THQ's warhammer SDK. and obviously Valves SDK. For nearly all the games.

My Work

I made this after thinking that you never really get to see how the combine are made...and ive always wondered what happens. I was inspired by Quake 4 when your going through the process of becoming the enemy. And i think it would be a nice bit of gameplay to actualy wreak havoc on a place like this as Gordan Freeman. Or possibly a rebel assualt. De_laststand I basicly made this because of the emence ammount of DUST2 and i thought there needed to be change. also there is some moddling work i did within 3d max...ive only just started using it but its a pretty nice bit of software