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All I do is nothing but make Portal 2 chambers! I'm like GLaDOS, I make chambers everyday, like GLaDOS does. Similar to Wheatley and Cave Johnson (and maybe Caroline), I'm supposed to be here for what I don't know

Game Rating How much I play it Comment
Portal 3/5 Few times a month Likely one of the best games I played
Portal 2 100/5 Everyday Best. Game. Ever
Half-Life 5/5 Sometimes I play source one more than goldsrc version :P
Half-Life 2 3/5 Not much often Well, it needs better storyline
Half-Life 2 Ep1 3/5 Rarely I hate Combine so much. I'd like to see a superportal instead
Hallf-Life 2 Ep2 4/5 Sometimes Good storyline, but still needs continue. WILL THERE BE EP3?

Now something to explain

For some people who want to know, here is list of my tasks I have to do
[X] = Not completed
[Y] = Completed
[!] = Not started
[~] = Cancelled

  • [X] Publish chambers
  • [Y] Matrix > Testible -> Testix -> Testix Observation Edition -> ???
  • [~] Wheatley's takeover! (no way. sorry.)
  • [X] Ratman dens (doods, plannin' how. no more than 7 days'll be needed to do it.)
  • [QUOTE] Chambers are not easy to make, but I accept suggestions. Go on my talk page to suggest