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SUPERHEROES: JACKPACK Jack Marcus, an intern working on a government research project, was one of the lucky few to be there when alchemy was realized. In fact, a device had been created which could transmute matter. All it required to power it was a small amount of matter, which the device converted into energy. After a few months of tinkering, the device was shrunk down to the size of a backpack, straps were attached, and mental controls were included, essentially turning this incredibly complex device into a simple backpack. Now, as any smart criminal organization would do, Villains tried to steal it. Jack managed to hide it and himself while Villains trashed the facility. Once they leave, you don the backpack and vow to destroy Villains, one way or another. Once you activate the mental controls, you realize that the backpack is sentient; it was the only way to make the controls work. Jack and Backpack can work together, at the beginning, to morph objects into weapons, defense, solutions, or fuel. Weapons are, of course, weapons. Defense is barriers, holes, etc. Solutions can be used to fix machines, solve puzzles, open doors, etc. Fuel is matter, converted to energy to power Backpack. Using this power, you make your way out of the facility and run into one of the villains who stayed behind. He’s not a huge threat, maybe a first, simple boss fight. Once you subdue him, Backpack informs you that he can modify your matter to give you similar powers. However, this will drain his energy, as he must keep you alive while doing so. Also, once in this mode, you lose energy slowly, requiring you to constantly refuel. However, turning off these powers does not take any energy, and you can still modify matter. Saving is a little weird here. It’s almost like Prince of Persia, where you go back in time to fix problems. More on that later. By battling villains and assimilating their powers, you slowly become more powerful, and you use less energy while using powers. By the time you get to the final showdown, you can use your powers at will. After you defeat him, the final cutscene starts… Or does it? You start jumping through time, back to the second mission, watching yourself fight the boss, your birth, then finally years into the future. While the cutscene goes on, an ethereal figure floats out of you. He is The Gamer, able to inhabit a person and take them back a little bit in time, to save him (Get it? Save? Lol) However, he asks this one favor of you: stop him from acquiring this power. He was given this power by Surge, a villain who has the ability to give others powers. Now, you have to blast your way through hordes of powered minions, using your powers in new and interesting ways, to take down Surge before he can give The Gamer his powers.

Please, I need help making this game. Any input would be appreciated.