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Hi all!

I'm looking for talented people for some game development projects.

If you are experienced (expert is better but not necessary) in one of the below listed fields and are interested, contact me via E-mail.

- Mod development (Primarily for the source engine)
- Programming / coding (primarily: source engine)
- 3D modeling / character animation
- Graphics (texture, art, images, etc.)
- Map planning and/or creation (w/wo triggering)
- Music (composing)
- Sound / effects (creation and manipulation)

(Only apply if you have experience.)

The current project I am planning is a uniqe style FP/TP, a tactical mindgame combined with horror. (I provide detailed info after you contact me.)

There are other project ideas also, so if you don't not like this concept there are others on which we can work together.

I want to create a good team. The plan is to create successful games and earn profit.

BirdDog ([email protected],

P.s.: Please apply in E-mail or on my forum.