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Welcome to my humble page. I'm just an artist who longs to one day make her mark on the video game industry and help make some really cool stuff for people to enjoy. I know absolutely nothing about coding, so I'll likely end up asking a large multitude of questions as I desperately attempt to learn enough to be able to work my way around Source. I work a full-time job, so I unfortunately don't always have a ton of time to dedicate to my personal projects.

Current Projects

Half-Life 2: Repercussions

A Source 2013 mod featuring an entirely new side-story in the Half-Life universe:

"In the wake of Gordon and Alyx's actions at Nova Prospekt, the Combine have diverted forces from more controlled areas in an effort to quell the rising rebellion in City 17. Take a trip across the globe to City 8, where another branch of the Resistance is preparing to take advantage of the opportunity presented to them. Do your part as a new recruit into the Resistance, and maybe you can accomplish great things too."

Planned Features:

  • New Setting: Leave the coastal wastelands and cold taiga forest of City 17 behind and explore the dense, hot jungles of South America.
  • New Weapons: The weapon roster will be filled with some returning weapons, as well as entirely new ones. (Note: I'm considering a change to the inventory system to where the player will not be able to carry every weapon in the game with them at once, since the player character won't have an HEV suit to manage their weapons for them. Instead the player has a selection of weapons that can go into a specific slot (i.e., the Handgun slot can be filled with the pistol, the revolver, or the brand-new nailgun).)
  • New Enemies: Due to the vast difference in setting, I think it makes sense for the Combine to deploy a variety or two of Synth that they don't use in City 17. (I also would like to bring Houndeyes and Bullsquids back from HL1. Maybe it was just too cold for them to survive around City 17?)
  • Catch Up With a Couple of Old Friends: The cast is mostly all-new, but there will be a couple of HL1-era characters returning as well.

Currently in the planning and concepting stage. Filling out design documents, doing a bit of concept art, developing a proof-of-concept test map, setting up the basic elements of the mod, that sort of thing. I think once I have a completed test map to show, alongside completed design documents and some interesting concept art, I'll begin looking into gathering a team to start doing some serious work.

Seven To A Million

A series of custom Left 4 Dead 2 campaigns to go alongside the story I'm writing, serving as a sequel to the L4D games. My vision for this project is honestly probably insanely lofty and more-or-less impossible to achieve in L4D2 itself without heavy modding. The project is also on hiatus at the moment in favor of Repercussions.