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Welcome to my developers page. I will put any information about progress, and new maps over here. I made allot of maps, but those weren't meant to be published. It were amateur maps, that often didn't work, because i made them with the old Hammer versions.


The map is located in the mountains. Red owns a little oil field here and Blu owns a dam that protects further laying villages, and generates electricity. Red needs to go through Blu's territory to export there oil. Both sides respected each other until the war about contracts broke out. The most important thing in this war?... Power! It's your job to get it!

First design in paint.
Ground view of the dam in Hammer.
Overhead view in Hammer.
View of the tunnels in Hammer.

First Beta!

I'm planning to release the beta on the 19th of April. It will be a closed beta though. It will include the following: The map without displacements and detailed scenery, Spawn area's with resupply closet's, Capture points.

Tweaks for the future: Applying all displacements, Setup gates, Detailed scenery.