Trigger cdaudio (GoldSource Engine)

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<Half-Life> trigger_cdaudio is a brush entity available in Half-Life.

Entity description

Plays a specified track either on the CD or in the media folder when the player walks through this entity.

Note.png Note: The mp3 files loaded, and what number they are used as in this entity are hard-coded into the game. Therefore, the filenames of custom mp3s must be very specific.


Track <integer>
The name of the track to play via the media folder OR the CD-track number if a red book audio cd is available.
Value Mp3 file to play
1 <None>
2 Half-Life01.mp3
3 Prospero01.mp3
4 Half-Life12.mp3
5 Half-Life07.mp3
6 Half-Life10.mp3
7 Suspense01.mp3
8 Suspense03.mp3
9 Half-Life09.mp3
10 Half-Life02.mp3
11 Half-Life13.mp3
12 Half-Life04.mp3
13 Half-Life15.mp3
14 Half-Life14.mp3
15 Half-Life16.mp3
16 Suspense02.mp3
17 Half-Life03.mp3
18 Half-Life08.mp3
19 Prospero02.mp3
20 Half-Life05.mp3
21 Prospero04.mp3
22 Half-Life11.mp3
23 Half-Life06.mp3
24 Prospero03.mp3
25 Half-Life17.mp3
26 Prospero05.mp3
27 Suspense05.mp3
28 Suspense07.mp3


Name <target_source>
The targetname that other entities refer to this entity by.